A Picture Update

Hi friends! Here is a peek at my week in pictures. :) With being in school 4 days in a row *gasp* I have been incognito around here. I am SO much better at updating Instagram with daily randoms; I would love for you to follow along. :)

With our ridiculous number of snow days, my new favorite hobby is looking up teacher outfits on Pinterest. I've started a new board "Styles I Love" and be warned...it's FULL of cardigans and coral.
I finished up my Morphology Puzzles Bundle and it's now on TPT - woohoo! I can snag it here or enter for a chance to win it here.
 This was such a sweet reminder after a student deliberately opened a water bottle and dumped its entirety on her neighbor's desk. with her neighbor sitting at the desk. during my reading lesson. really.
 I passed my Cycle 2 Evaluation - woooooohooooooo! In Kentucky, your first year teaching is called your "Intern Year" and you do not receive your teaching certificate until you demonstrate mastery of the 10 Kentucky Teaching Standards. The KTIP process is three cycles consisting of a lot of paper work and nine formal observations. Over the past few months, I have been preparing my 2.5 inch binder and now, I can officially say I'm a Cycle 3 teacher. :)
 Well, another book order arrived and it's amazing. Our custodian (who delivers packages)  is starting to judge me.
 I'm proud to announce my new Flappy Bird high score of 18. That's right, friends. You can bet I greeted my 5th graders with the picture below. They were impressed. Yep.

While reading Scholastic Instructor, I spotted a friend! Deb from Crafting Connections and her Synonym Rolls were given an awesome shout-out. If you haven't met Deb yet, you should! I {LOVE} her task cards and it's so fun to see a blogging friend in a NATIONAL magazine. :)
 Valentine's Day completely slipped up on me, and I was THAT teacher buying supplies Thursday night. :) I picked up 32 glowsticks from Kroger for $5.50 and snagged these adorable cards from Kommunicated! I *might* have forgotten to hand out my Valentines today...but when my kids see them, I am sure they'll love them!
I received this Valentine today and LOVE it. Minions are hilarious and remind me so much of 5th graders. :)
 Well, friends, I am tired. After four days of teaching, I feel like a teaching wimp. I'm off to sleep and hope to kick it into gear this weekend! :) Happy day!


  1. Congratulations on making it to Cycle 3! Woohoo! You are great, so it is no surprise. Also, congratulations on the high score!

    Eclectic Educating

  2. Aaarrggghhhh! Flappy Birds - that's what my husband is so addicted to right now. He was urging me to try it out, but I resisted because I already have a blog/TPT addiction/issue. I'm definitely going to check out your Pinterest board since I LOVE cardigans and the color, coral. Congrats. on your successful assessment.

  3. First, Catherine, a well-deserved CONGRATULATIONS on your accomplishment of becoming a Cycle 3 teacher! Second, what a nice surprise to see a photo of my Synonym craftivity featured in Instructor magazine on YOUR blog! I was excited to be interviewed for the article in the first place, but now it's excitement all over again to see the feature in a national magazine! :)
    Crafting Connections

    1. Congrats Deb on such an amazing accomplishment!!

  4. Wow, Catherine! I had no idea how intense it is to get a teaching certificate in Kentucky! Way to go on all your hard work!! I also did the glow stick valentine this year- they already were going to get overloaded with candy, so this was a nice (and pretty cheap) alternative which they loved!

    P.s. I'm posting that quote- what a great reminder (I've got a student who often exhibits bullying behavior and I need this reminder when problem solving with him).

    Tales of a Teacher

  5. Congras on being a Cycle 3 teacher! It sounds like quite an intense process to go through. I've never seen that quote before, but it is definitely how I operate in the classroom. The crazier the class gets, the quieter I get. It works like a charm!

    Sara :)
    The Colorful Apple


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